Weaver Bird Residency is a creative incubator that runs an Artist-In-Residency program designed to fit into Ndegeya Foundation's ambition to transform Ndegeya village into the first of its kind community for the arts in Uganda.

Whether you are seeking new inspiration for your work, taking a break from your routine studio work or escaping the hustle and bustle of the city, our artist-in-residency program will suit your needs. Artists of any background will find our program transformative for their work. 

The Weaver Bird Residency provides free accommodation, some locally-found art materials and technical support to all resident artists. We, however, encourage artists to raise their own funds for food, specialised materials and transportation to and from Ndegeya, Masaka. Accommodation is available to up to 5 artists at a time, with options including two cottages and three camping tents on a first come first serve basis. The duration of the residency is one month for artistes residing in the cottages and two weeks for those that choose the camping option. Additionally we expect resident artists to engage with the existing community resource persons and found objects to create work that best suits our program. 

At the end of each residency we organise a group or solo show in Masaka or Kampala to ensure that all the artwork is given the exposure and attention it deserves. 

Please note that we charge an administration fee of $100 for foreign artists and $50 for East African artists. Weaver Bird Residency is a privately-run program and has no outside funding.

For further inquiries please email us. And to apply for this residency program please send your resume (CV), at least 5 images or videos of your work and a letter of intent to weaverbird.residency@gmail.com